Phi Epsilon Chapter at Colorado State University

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Discover KD

National Kappa Delta launched our newest campaign this June and it's "Discover KD"! Over the next 12 weeks, #DiscoverKD with us on our social media and see everything from the campaign posted here!

Week 1:

“Coming from the South, I had this idea that a sorority would never be for me. I thought they were too girly, wouldn’t have people I connected with, wouldn’t fit my values, or would be too much of a time commitment. After going through recruitment, I met so many incredible woman and discovered Kappa Delta. I fell in love with the Confidence Coalition and realized KD had my same values, women that I really got along with, and was truly everything I didn’t think a sorority could be. I’m so glad I found KD and am so thankful for how it has impacted my life! AOT” - Sister Ralea Haun

Week 2: 

“Music has been a part of my family since my grandparents came to the US. Some of my strongest memories will forever be sitting in my grandpa’s basement helping him create his next album. From the time I was 9 years old, I was learning, reading, and playing music. I joined marching band in high school, fell in love with the rehearsal and performance, and searched for universities that would continue that marching band experience for me at a D1 level. Taking from the movie Drumline, we often joke that for us, there really is “one band, one sound.” The decision to join a Greek organization was something I had thought about for a while. That community that I found in band was amazing... but I still wanted something deeper, and I hoped a community of women supporting each other through everything was what I needed. During recruitment, I was worried that I wouldn’t find anyone that “was like me.” I stumbled upon Kappa Delta and fell in love with the KD mentality of accepting diverse women, of challenging each other to keep striving for the highest, and of encouraging them to be their true, authentic selves. Through Phi Epsilon, I met my Big and her best friend. My biggest supporters. My biggest encouragers. I know every Saturday night, I can look into the stands and see them cheering me on. I know that every concert we put on, they’ll be right there in the front row, just as excited to hear me play, as I am to see them. If it wasn’t for pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I never would’ve met these women that not only shaped my college experience, but showed me what true sisterhood means. (Even if neither of them are musicians.) ❤️” - Sister Ashley Procanyn 

Week 3:

"KD has helped me feel included, especially in a new environment such as an American college. I am so excited going through this year having friends and supporters by my side." -Sister Giulia Dalaty

Week 4:

"I have always enjoyed figure skating. When I moved to Colorado, I joined the CSU figure skating team. The sisters in Kappa Delta have helped me find my confidence that I needed in order to motivate my teammates at practices and competitions while holding leadership." -Sister Edith Kamme 

Week 5:


“Being able to share such a new and special bond with my mom is something I’m beyond grateful for. She was a Kappa Delta right here at CSU in the 80’s! I’m so excited that, although different, we get to share our experiences and memories with each other. She has helped me grow so much not only as a mother, but also through the means of such an incredible sisterhood.” -Sister McKenna Highfield

Week 6:

“I’m constantly surprised by the Kappa Delta and sorority connections I’ve made since graduating college. Several years ago I met a sister from another chapter who had recently moved to my town. We bonded over KD and several shared interests and soon we were both working in the same industry. Our sisterhood built the foundation for a strong partnership that has allowed us to work together personally and professionally for nearly a decade and I am so grateful to Kappa Delta for bringing us together!” - 2005 Phi Epsilon Alumna Sister Tricia Vincent

Week 7:

“When we see sisters taking action, then we're more likely to take action. There is a stigma in Greek life that you can't be a member of the LGBTQ community as well. As a KD, I love ALL of my sisters regardless of their sexual orientation and as a straight ally it's important to be active in creating an inclusive environment. By doing visible work for equality, and proudly sharing that with my chapter and other chapters on campus, I'm hoping to promote not just tolerance, but acceptance and inclusion.” - Sister Olivia Palizzi 

Week 8:

"Having a chronic disease that is ‘invisible’ to see can be one of the most challenging parts. When I got my Lyme diagnosis I felt alone, but my sisters here at Kappa Delta keep me going. They know that just because on the outside I look okay doesn’t mean I do on the inside. They support me and have my back. The year of my diagnosis I even was surprised with ribbons that said “Kappa Delta supports Lyme”. To know I had not only just a few people behind me but a full sorority has impacted my four year tremendously. From my littles, to my pledge class, to my roommates, and new connections with sisters I make everyday, here at Kappa Delta, there is support. That’s why I chose KD." - Sister Alexandra Vaughn

Week 9:

“In one week of my life, I found out my cousin was in a terrible accident and would be in the hospital for four weeks straight, fighting for his life. A couple weeks later, my grandmother had to have live saving surgery or else we would lose, while at the same time my grandfather was dying of fighting melanoma for three years. My sisters were my greatest support system while I was at school and my world seemed to be crashing down. It was by far the hardest time in my life. Without my sisters and going to chapter events and meetings and texting them everyday, I would have not been able to stay at CSU, I would have been home with my family. But they helped me push through and see that everyday could be it’s own great day!” -Sister Lauren Dock

Week 10: